5 Tips To Optimize Images For Better SEO

5 Tips To Optimize Images For Better SEO


Images are part of our content because images make your post attractive and also user friendly
because people love images. That`s why images are very important but if you don’t know images
are very best way to drive organic traffic to your blog because today images and most searched
by people so you can easily convert your images in to visitors. So image optimization in very
important to improve you search engine ranking and help to drive more traffic to your blog. So
use at last one image in your every post so you gain your traffic and also help to optimize your
post for complete on page seo.

Image Optimization Tips
1. Use keyword in Name of image
This is very best way to optimize images before upload any images change its name because if
your image name something like this photo123.jpg or 12398.jpg it is completely mining less so
before use this image in post change its name and use your main keyword in this
like Keyword.jpg. So you get better result and help you to optimize your content.
2. Use Proper Title Tag and Alt Tag
Title and alt tag is use to tell about your images to google because Google crawlers don’t read
images so that`s why title and alt tag is help google to tell about picture so use your main
targeted keyword in title and alt tag to completely optimize your post.
3. Compress Images Size
This is very necessary because many times we download any picture from internet and capture
from camera we directly upload in our blog but we don’t care about size of picture because if
you picture size is very big then it increase you blog loading time. So before upload and put any
photos in post change size and compress image so it help you to increase you blog loafing time.
How To Compress image
If you don’t know how to compress size of photo just open your photo in Photoshop and save
image for web, now you see your picture quality not change but your picture size is decreased.
4. Chose Best Format of Images
Image format is also part of optimization because there are many type and formats and available
for images but I recommend you to use .jpg format because it occupy less memory then other
formats so this way your blog loading time is improve.
5. Select Proper Dimensions

It is very important because after adding image in your post give it proper width and length. It is
help you to make your blog load faster and help search engine crawlers to understand well about

Over To You
So friends Image optimization is very important part of on page seo so done it correctly and
make your site more search engine friendly. If you want to know more about on page and off
page seo read this and don’t forget to share with your friend.

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