Add property Guide

Add property Guide

Are you finding it difficult to use our add property page? This step by step picture aided tutorial will help you with that a

    Step 1
    Register/Sign in

    Step 2
    At the top left hand click on

      My Page

    , click on Add properties in the drop down

    Step 3
    Fill in the lodge name in space provided

    step 4
    skip property id, and fill in the Relevant and helpful description of the lodge including any other info you wish to add

    Step 5
    Check the boxes with Amenities present in the lodge
    amenities check

    Step 6
    Under features requested please fill in everything starting with the
    lodge type


    Location…i.e Indicate the state
    also, please go ahead and fill up that of number of bedrooms, bathrooms, toilet, price, area. please indicate the unit for price and areas as “N and sq M” respectively

    Step 7
    PICTURES, this is divided into Featured and detailed pictures.
    Featured picture is the main picture that will show on the front page of our website when your lodge has been approved while the detailed pictures are those that will cover every part of the house including living room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, yard, gate, etc…as much as you can….please note that this segment is very important and edited pictures will not be approved

    sample of featured image
    Screenshot (1216)

    sample of Detailed Images

    Step 8
    lets talk about the addressing now.
    first thing you have to do is to insert the name of the most specified address closet to your lodge which is on google map, this is most likely to be your local government and the press ” find adress on map”. A map of your local government should pop up like this

    Then you zoom in on the map to get the specific address of the lodge or the closest address
    FINALLY YOU CLICK ON ” SUBMIT THIS PROPERTY”. Then you wait for approval of the lodge.
    Hope this was helpful guy? for any other problem contact any checker… “looking for where to lodge?, just Check..