Become a Checker (Work with In Your Campus)

Are you ready to be part of this group of students that do cool things that matters?

“Checkers” is a group of business minded students formed in 2014 by AROK TECH, our main goal is to see that students understand the merits of being business minded.

Despite the fact that we are all situated in a harsh academic environment and buried in a bulk of academic work dosent it marvel you when you always complain of time yet you see a fellow student study and still manage a business effectively?

The purpose putting up this post is with Regards to, is an online platform that presently enables students to get lodges in their various campuses online by giving landlords and agents the opportunity to upload their lodges on this platform.

We currently operate on many campuses  and would like to expand to all in the country.

With Regards to this, is giving out the opportunity for students to fill the following positions

Campus Property Managers

Campus Blog Managers

For more info call 08110676881 or send a mail to 


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