Business Email Writing Rules Taken For Granted

Business Email Writing Rules Taken For Granted

Business Email Writing Rules Taken For Granted



To read and write emails has become a mundane part of human lives these days. It is impossible to believe that anyone is not accustomed to sending or receiving of emails. And when it comes to work culture, then sending and receiving emails is absolutely essential.

However, one must not forget that even outside the employment premise, there is a strong requirement for email. Paper postcards and letters sent through courier and physical mail systems are slowly getting obsolete. Rather, email has become a faster and better option.

It is also a very reliable option. But many fail to realize that email writing does involve certain rules. There are rules that people often take for granted, but these need to be observed carefully while writing business emails.

Right use of words

Similar to any other business letter, there is a strong requirement to use the appropriate words while framing the letter. And when it is a business email, the need for using the right words just gets more.

It is also necessary to avoid any sort of jargon as it can make the matter more complicated. Try to be clear and more concise in appearance. The recipient may not have ample time to read the email. So, it is necessary to keep the mail short and specific. Mention clearly the important points and never increase on the length of the letter using those sermonized introductions. Be totally professional.

Focusing on the 5 Cs of writing

The five Cs: Clear, Complete, Courteous, Concise, & Correct.

Follow these five Cs while writing emails. Also make it sure that there is no ambiguous information within the mail. The email should contain information that can be explained back to the readers easily in case of some additional query.

The readers need to be well informed about these mails. The mail should have a totally concise body with the used of very polite and respectful language to encourage the readers. There should not be any grammatical errors like spelling mistake, punctuation error, etc.


Using appropriate Type Sets

Using the appropriate Type Sets is necessary, especially in businesses. Always keep it in mind that when dealing with professionals, it is necessary to use the most appropriate Type Sets. It is not a good ploy to use fonts that are too much bigger in size. Also, too small a font style can also cause problems.

Fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, or Times New Roman are perfect for professional email writing purpose. Also, using of inappropriate font colors like yellow, green, or pink on the email body text can look totally ridiculous. Yes, these colors can only be used for Company name or signature purpose if they represent the same.


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Minimum files attached

If a whole lot of files are attached, then the entire procedure for email sending, receiving, as well loading of the mail will take longer. So, it is always advisable to attach minimum files in an email. In case, there are a lot of digital files to be sent, it is better to use the Dropbox cloud concept. Provide a link to the client and they can access the Dropbox for viewing the files without the need to download the same using email servers.


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